About the Project

On reading this history of the West Wight Sports Centre, you will quickly recognise the commitment that runs through all the memories and recollections which have been compiled.   The volunteers came from all parts of the Island to complete a dream for the West Wight to have a much needed indoor heated swimming pool led by a local business man, Ron Smith. After the pool was built it eventually led to the learner/hydrotherapy pool being added and ultimately to the now West Wight Sports Centre.  

Many of the volunteers involved in the early days are no longer with us but they are remembered with affection and gratitude. 

The articles and memories in this website have been written by people who, over the years, volunteered their time to the West Wight Swimming Pool, learner/hydrotherapy pool and Sports Centre projects.

The major fundraising for the building projects has been achieved but it is volunteers who sit on the Board of Trustees of the Charitable Trust who manage the Sports Centre.

We hope that you will all enjoy reading about the history of the West Wight Sports Centre.  For many it will bring back memories.  For others new to the Island we hope that it gives an insight into the dedication and hard work of the community in bringing ‘a dream to fruition’. 

Disclaimer:  Whilst to our knowledge all the events mentioned in this book are correct, we all have differing memories.  If this is the case we apologise for any errors or omissions