Memories from Sheila Young


In the early days, once the pool was completed (albeit without a roof), I was one of a band of volunteers manning the ‘shed’ situated on the corner of the school field, keen to take money from potential eager swimmers. We always had a queue. The changing rooms were very temporary, very steamy and wet.


West Wight Swimming Pool

I remember at ‘Bits and Bobs’ having to get to the field very early in the morning. One very important job was to get the rolls ready for our famous Hot Dogs – we used to cut them across the top which made the sausages and onions more secure and less likely to fall out when eaten. At one ‘Bits and Bobs’ the message didn’t get through and a well meaning helper sliced the rolls at the side – disaster when you are coping with over 500 rolls. It could have been a major disaster but we smiled, thanked our hapless volunteer and carried on regardless. Any rolls left over were made into bread pudding and sold – nothing was ever wasted. BBQs were held at Compton Farm, with the kind permission of Den and Jane Phillips. I remember a large marker buoy being in the field, probably washed up on the beach and towed up to the farm by a tractor. All of our children had a wonderful time trying to stay on this half-moon-shaped buoy, which of course rocked backward and forwards.

We held various Easter and Christmas Fairs. One year my son mark won a huge chocolate egg which he shared with everyone, until we were all sick and tired of it. Our children had a wonderful time running free.

I also helped at various sponsored swims and walks, counting lengths for the swimmers, registering the walkers and making sure that none went astray.