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Auctions for West Wight Swimming Pool

AUCTIONS SPLASH held yearly auctions at the Memorial Hall and our first auctioneer was the late Steve Ross MP, who was a very valued supporter of our very ambitious project of building an indoor heated swimming pool here in the West Wight. These auctions were run very professionally with viewing during the morning, catalogues already […]

Memories from Barbara Richardson

MEMORIES FROM BARBARA RICHARDSON Attempts to avoid the ‘jumble sale’ tag Each Christmas and Easter during the fundraising frenzy, we tried to make our ‘Fairs’ stand out from the myriad of others taking place around the same time – not easy when they were basically exactly the same as all the others. I think our […]

Champagne Charlie

CHAMPAGNE CHARLIE Of all our fund raising activities, Champagne Charlie deserves a section all to itself. We have often said that the West Wight Swimming Pool was built on hot dogs and Pomagne – let me elaborate. I have already covered the fame of our hot dogs, but Pomagne was totally different. Pomagne was a […]